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State Capitol Grounds
Richmond, Virginia
BREAKING NEWS:  Please visit pages 7 and 8 of this website for dramatic telephoto pictures of the underground bunker dig.
27,000 sq.ft. dig, over half the size of a football field,
under the front steps and front lawn of the Va. State Capitol building, maximum 57 feet down. The Underground Bunker will contain a Gift Shop, Chicken's Restaurant and Security Office. Additional ongoing taxpayer expense includes exchanging (ventilating) underground heating and air conditioned atmosphere 24 hours, 7 days a week forever.
TAXPAYER COST:  $19,300,000.00 (low estimate)
Virginia H.B. 2804
The Patrons / Perpetrators -- Harvey Morgan, Abbitt, Albo, Almand, Amundson, Barlow, Baskerville, Black, Bland, Bloxom, Bolvin, Brink, Broman, Bryant, Byron, Callahan, Christian, Cline, Cosgrove, Councill, Cox, Crittenden, Darner, Devolites, Dillard, Drake, Griffith, Hall, Hamilton, Hargrove, Howell, Hugo, Hull, Hurt, Ingram, Janis, Joannou, Johnson, Jones, D.C., Jones, S.C., Keister, Kilgore, Landes, Lingamfelter, Louderback, Marshall, R.G., May, McDonnell, Melvin, Miles, Nixon, Nutter, O'Bannon, Oder, Orrock, Parrish, Phillips, Plum, Purkey, Putney, Rapp, Reid, Rollison, Rust, Saxman, Scott, Sears, Sherwood, Shuler, Spruill, Suit, Tata, Thomas, Van Landingham, Van Yahres, Wardrup, Ware, Watts, Weatherholtz, Woodrum and Wright; Senators: Blevins, Bolling, Chichester, Hawkins, Martin, Norment, O'Brien, Potts, Quayle, Rerras, Ruff, Trumbo, Wagner and Watkins
The underground bunker dig idea was added  to the $191,000,000.00 House Bill expenditure to improve and stabilize Mr. Jefferson's 200 year old Virginia Capitol Building. They called it various names and disguised its real purpose, an underground bunker. Virginia politicians are nearby and Federal Judges and Federal Court officials are within a hundred feet of its entrance.  Virginia GSA officials and contractors appear to be the force behind the underground dig project, not the Virginia legislators. Legislators approved the ill conceived visitors tunnel, it was an official in GSA that suggested, "since we're digging the tunnel, why don't we make it larger?" and the legislator said ok without understanding that GSA and the contractor were talking 27,000 sq. ft.  GSA and the contractor went forward with a 27,000 square foot underground room larger than half a football field. Most of the legislators have absolutely no understanding of the $19,300,000.00 project. Truth is seldom heard and everyone has a variation of what they believe is accurate - but only a few have accurate information about the project. It appears legislators are being manipulated. Many of the "visitor center" explanations sound plausible but are not on the mark.  A "visitor's center" sounds better than building an "underground bunker" for $19,300,000.00 tax dollars at a time legislators are calling for a tax increase to cover their spending.
Today is August 19, 2004.  
We are approaching a season of rain and storms, including hurricane season, and precipitation has been heavy.  The very last thing reasonable thinking men should do is dig a 27,000 sq. ft. cavern in front of a 200 year-old semi-stable building on a hillside during the hurricane season.  
Tropical Storm Gaston - 08/30/04

Richmond Capitol During "Tropical Storm" Gaston
Richmond Capitol During "Tropical Storm" Gaston - 08/30/04

Torrents of water down the 11th Street Steps
The diagonal stream of brown water in the street at the bottom of the Capitol steps is thousands of pounds of soil eroded and washed away down Bank Street making a turn at 12th Street across Main Street and flowing down the hill toward the James River during Tropical Storm Gaston
on August 30, 2004.
Several months ago during Hurricane Isabel millions of people in and around Richmond lost electricity.  Richmond lost water and sewer because there are no electric generator backup systems for its water pumps. There are very few backup systems in Richmond, for anything period ! ..... And government managers and legislators spent $19,300,000.00 of the people's money for a hole in the ground for their use!  How many generator backup systems would $19,300,000.00 buy for the use and welfare of the people?  
Hundreds of thousands of tons of dirt from the front lawn of Mr. Thomas Jefferson's Virginia State Capitol Building will be discarded; grounds that may be rich in archeological treasures will be lost forever. The discard was approved by people appointed and responsible for safeguarding those treasures.

Dumpsters readied for hauling archeological rich dirt away

CLICK: Richmond's Big Dig -- Renovation May Involve More Than Virginians Bargained For

Summertime in Virginia,
on Mr. Thomas Jefferson's historic lawn.

We find the total underground dig project
unnecessary, wasteful, manipulated and morally repugnant.  

Historic 150 year old iron fences
were safeguarded and cherished
by the people of Virginia.

Historic Iron fence.
Soldiers tied their horses to this fence
in 1865.

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