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Every aspect of this project is wrong. 

Construction Contractor with approval of Va. GSA, severed, cut and damaged each vertical rung of the historic 150 year old Capitol Square fence on Bank Street, the fence and supporting granite wall were removed.

Spanish speaking workers
remove brick walkways.

Brick walkways are being removed.
August 17, 2004
We will list the names of all Virginia politicians
that were party to this project.

10th and Bank Street, historic granite columns, entrance steps and brick walkway were lifted out of the ground and removed.  Historic Bank St. fence vertical rungs were damaged, cut  and removed.  
Magnolia trees were cut and shredded into chips.

We find the total underground dig project unnecessary, wasteful, manipulated and morally repugnant,
a slap in the face to taxpayers.  
This is a view of the 150 year old historic,
10th Street entrance to Capitol Square.
The granite steps, columns and fence are gone.
August 17, 2004

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