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View of historic 150 year old fence
and granite wall on Bank Street.   August 17, 2004

"Some of the vegetation will be replanted in cemeteries, state parks and other areas," said James Roberts, director of the state Department of General Services. Capitol Square is home to dogwood, plum, cherry and magnolia trees, among other species. A force of primarily prison laborers will do the work, which will save money," officials said. 

Bartlett Tree Experts Co.

Cherished, historic, pre-Civil War,
Bank Street, granite fence wall.   August 16, 2004

Each vertical rung of the pre-Civil War, iron fence was cut with a saw and removed from the granite base.  

In preparation for a 57 foot depth dig under the steps area, workmen prepare to remove hundreds of tons of granite steps and associated granite from the front of Mr. Jefferson's Virginia State Capitol Building.   August 16, 2004 
Remember, $191,000,000.00 tax dollars were allocated to stabilize the 200 year-old Capitol Building;
they are obviously at the same time actively destabilizing the Building for $19,300,000.00 tax dollars.

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