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Historic 10th Street entrance and brick walkways.
August 18, 2004

Historic 10th and Bank Street entrance to Capitol Square. August 18, 2004

Looking at 10th and Bank Street entrance to State Capitol.

Historic 150 year-old entrance at 10th and Bank Street and brick walkways are destroyed as construction company prepares to dig underground bunker in the front lawn of the Va. State Capitol.

We admonish citizens to remember this outrage when you hear legislators  talk of raising taxes, saying, "we need more money." This project is WRONG in all respects!

Accurate, detailed information regarding the underground dig is difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain from GSA and the contractors even though the citizens are taxed to pay the $19,300,000.00 bill. Some aspects of the project are very secretive and information and answers from GSA are not reliable. Citizens and Departments within GSA have been unable to get accurate information from the project architect. The architect's office either refuses to answer, gives a "buzz phrase" sounds right answer or ignored questions.

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